A Big Thank You From LivingCare @ Thorpe Park

Based on Thorpe Park, LivingCare are a proud partner of the NHS, having provided NHS services since 2007. They work with the local hospitals in Leeds and Wakefield, as well as Local GPs and NHS commissioners to provide care to patients across the region. The services they usually provide include: gastroenterology, endoscopy, ear nose and throat, ophthalmology and dermatology.

Coronavirus has changed the way the NHS has to provide care to patients, and swabbing is one of these changes prior to attending appointments for some procedures.

You may have seen the LivingCare staff in PPE performing swab testing from their drive through facility at their offices, or from the Thorpe Park Clinic. Given what “traditional” swab testing facilities are for, this may worry or concern you – but the swabbing services aren’t like the ones you may have seen on TV or online.

LivingCare are helping the NHS to swab patients with suspected cancer to confirm that the patients don’t have coronavirus prior to further diagnostic tests such as endoscopy procedures. Patients are carefully screened with a medical questionnaire prior to attending to ensure they have not travelled recently and don’t have any symptoms of coronavirus.

By providing these safe and effective swabbing services, LivingCare are helping to increase the capacity for swabbing across the city and help patients get quick access to the care that they need to get better.

LivingCare are incredibly proud to be supporting the local NHS in this way, and would like to thank all of the neighbours across the park for their support and patience at this time, it might not be what you’re used to seeing around and about Thorpe Park but everyone has been really understanding, so a big thank you on behalf of LivingCare!

If you have any questions regarding the swabbing activity on Thorpe Park, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with LivingCare directly on email@livingcare.co.uk.