Earth Day 2022

Every Day is Earth Day when you travel sustainably!

When it comes to greenhouse gas emissions from transport, private cars account for 55%, whereas buses account for just 3%. One double-decker bus has the potential to take as many as 75 cars off our roads, reducing congestion and delays whilst improving local air quality.

Motorists typically make around 600 car journeys every year.

How many car journeys do you make to Thorpe Park and The Springs, and could you make a small switch to using public transport instead?

Switching just one in every 25 of these car journeys to a bus – equivalent to a couple of trips a month – would reduce the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions by two million tonnes per year! Small changes make a really big difference, and that’s why this Earth Day (and every day!) we are encouraging everyone at Thorpe Park and The Springs to travel more sustainably.

Not sure where to start? Why not take a look at some of our handy commuting pages, including our essential guide to commuting by public transport, using the electric FLEXIBUS to travel around East Leeds and how you can get your hands on free First Bus taster tickets.