FREE Cycle Training from ParkLife!

From June we are delighted to launch two new cycle training courses on site at Thorpe Park. Both courses are delivered by our experienced and highly qualified instructor team and are totally free to attend.

Cycling combines physical exercise with the great outdoors, you can ride solo – giving you the time to process thoughts or you can ride with a group to broaden your social circle. We have two levels of cycle training based around group or individual activity and with outcomes to give you the power to ride more regularly and with more confidence.

Our level 2 national standard cycle course will give you all the necessary knowledge and confidence to ride on the open road. Developing your awareness of other road users, how to ride as part of a group and the basic skills to ride in an efficient positive manor clearly indicating your intentions to the traffic around you.

Alternatively, conquer your commute with the help and advice of an experienced cycle instructor on this level 3 cycle course. You will be met at an agreed point (within 40 mins of your workplace) and ride side by side on an identified commuting route. Gain an insight from an experienced cycle trainer on how to best approach the ride and an understanding of the challenges presented by your trip into the workplace. Develop the skills, experience, and confidence to share the road with a variety of other road users, understand available infrastructure, which could be used as part of your route and position yourself well to be clear and safe on a range of roads.  

Book your training

We have two level 2 sessions running at Thorpe Park Leeds in June. Spaces on the courses are limited, so book now to avoid disappointment!

Level 2 sessions are running at the following days and times:

Wednesday 2nd June, 5pm – 7pm
Wednesday 23rd June, 5pm – 7pm

To book a level 3 course built around your journey and availability, follow the link below.