Health and Wellbeing Week Round-Up

Thank you to everyone who joined us for Health and Wellbeing Week 2021! The week was a great success and we were delighted to offer the staff members at Thorpe Park an opportunity to focus on their health and wellbeing as part of World Wellbeing Week – with a range of free opportunities and events held right here at Thorpe Park (and over Zoom).

The week kicked off with a outdoor bootcamp session from Trinity Health and Fitness, held in the newly-opened Central Park, next to the Springs. Monday lunchtime saw a beginners session with a more advanced session hosted on Wednesday – offering people a great chance to fit fitness into their busy schedules. We were also delighted to have Danny Doi and Tom Smith from PureGym each hosting an outdoor fitness class on Tuesday and Thursday evening. 45 minutes of cardio and bodyweight exercises after work provided the perfect opportunity to get moving after a day in front of a computer. Tom Smith also joined us Wednesday lunchtime to host a bite-sized webinar on an Introduction to Nutrition.

Wednesday was full of activities for cyclists. Halford’s mobile bike maintenance team was on site doing free bike checks and the second of two free Level 2 Cycle Training sessions was a massive success. Our instructor, Lorna Dodd, even commented:

“The riders were a delight to teach, they successfully achieved the goals they’d set out at the beginning of the session and gained a lot of confidence. The area we used allowed the riders to practice both skills both off and, on the road, with and without traffic… I think we all left the session with a sense of achievement looking forward to the next ride.”

Lorna Dodd, Cycle Trainer at Thorpe Park

We were also able to arrange several virtual yoga sessions for staff working both from home or from the office. On Tuesday, Yoga Hero hosted a 45-minute session of beginners yoga at lunch, and on Thursday and Friday two 20-minute sessions of chair-based yoga – that you could do from your desk! Attendees were left feeling refreshed and refocused for the rest of the day.

Staff and local residents even had the opportunity to take part in a competition hosted by Strava (winners to be drawn on Monday 28th) where any kind of activity tracked on our group was an entrance into a raffle for 1 of 3 £25 vouchers for a retailer of your choice at The Springs. The week also offered us an opportunity to share useful advice and guidance to Parklife subscribers looking to prioritise health and wellbeing; as well as allowing us to share a few refreshers about Thorpe Park and its surroundings.

With the week drawing to close, it offers us an opportunity to reflect. Health and Wellbeing is highly important and touches on many parts of life, including our professional life. Bringing it to the forefront of people’s attention was a great way to remind us of the importance of this topic and to foster the sense of community that we’ve all been missing while working from home. If you have any feedback or comments on the week and what else you might like to see from Parklife, please use our contact form here to get in touch.