Imagine an Excellent Bus Service for Leeds

Do you use bus to travel around Leeds? Maybe you commute to Thorpe Park each day on one of the local bus services, or maybe you use the bus to get into town of a weekend. Either way, you probably have ideas on how it could be improved.

Leeds Civic Trust have put out a call for thoughts and ideas from anyone who uses the bus services around Leeds. There’s plenty of ways to contribute, including completing a survey, leaving comments on their interactive map, signing up to join a discussion group and submitting an entry into their Competition of Ideas.

Competition of Ideas

Beyond the usual constraints which shape Leeds’ bus service today – tight budgets, often expensive and confusing fares, congestion and delays, a lack of integration between services – there is the possibility for real changes and improvements.

The most imaginative and innovative ideas will win a share of the £2,000 cash prize!

  • All ideas are welcome. Your proposals can be specific to your neighbourhood or city-wide. They can be short term fixes or longer-term aspirations. Improving the bus services could include anything from bus stop facilities, the quality of bus stations and interchanges, branding and livery, bus accessibility and technologies or even the vehicles themselves, e.g., electric or biogas.
  • Anyone can enter. Whether you’re an experienced transport planner, a student who takes the bus to school, a resident who just wants to use the buses more in a post-covid world, or a commuter who’s working patterns has now changed. Entries can also be submitted by individuals, groups or on behalf of organisations.
  • Entries can be in any format and theme you choose. For example, it could be a written description of what an excellent bus service may look like to you, a series of images showing ‘before and after’ shots of how you think interiors should be improved, or some annotated maps showing how existing routes can be better planned.

Deadline for entries: 5pm, 6th of September 2021, submitted online at