Leeds Electric Vehicle & Bike Trials

Switching to electric vehicles could help your organisation save money and become more sustainable. A new electric vehicle trial programme set up by Leeds City Council will help your organisation understand the benefits of electric vehicles and make a business case for switching to greener transport options. Find more below, or on the LCC website by clicking here.

Trial an electric van

Your organisation can trial electric vans for two months free of charge. Organisations can be public, private and third sector, and will need to be based in West Yorkshire and currently operate at least one petrol or diesel vehicle.

How the scheme works: Once you’ve registered your interest with LCC they will get in touch to speak about the needs of your organisation. If they think switching to electric vehicles could help your business they will test how you’re currently using your vehicles.

Testing your vehicle use: They will install a black box in one of your vehicles for one month. This will test things like the length of journeys you take and your daily mileage. LCC will use this information to create a report to see whether an electric vehicle would work for you. If they think that electric vehicles could save you money and help the environment, they’ll loan you one or more electric vans. You can keep these vehicles for up to two months and LCC will test how the electric vehicle compares to your current transport.

Making a business case for switching to electric vehicles: Once the trial is over, LCC will produce a free report that will show you how much money and emissions your organisation could save by switching to electric vehicles.

Further information: For further information including details of the vehicles available and to apply, click here.

Trial electric bikes at your organisation

You can borrow electric bikes to use at your organisation free of charge.

The bikes can help your organisation save time and money on mileage or public transport costs. They will also help you to cut your carbon emission and reach your sustainability targets.

How the scheme works: Use this form to register your interest and Leeds City Council (LCC) get in touch to find out more about your organisation.

If you qualify, they’ll loan you one or more bikes to test at your business. They’ll ask you to keep track of how the bikes are used while they’re on loan so you can test whether it is worthwhile to invest in some after the scheme has finished.

If you find the bikes useful, you may have the option to buy them from LCC when the trial finishes.