Leeds Youth Service – Call for Support

Thorpe Park Leeds and The Springs are currently working to support the Leeds Youth Service (South, South East), a local support group who help underprivileged children across East Leeds.
Businesses across Thorpe Park have been hugely generous in supporting local causes over the years, including the annual Crypt appeal. We are therefore once again putting out a call for support, for this very worthy local initiative.

About Leeds Youth Service

The Leeds Youth Service work with around 300 young people between the ages of 11 to 18, from across East Leeds. They deliver a combination of youth clubs, youth matters groups, mobile provisions and street work, aimed at helping and engaging with young people who need a little bit of extra support and structure within their lives.

Over recent months many of these young people have been severely affected, and unable to benefit from a usual routine or the ability to attend the clubs/groups which The Youth Service deliver. The team have been conducting daily welfare checks across the area, to try and ensure that children are safe and well.
Whilst visiting homes they have been distributing activity packs for the children, to give them something positive to focus on, alongside ‘A Guide To Lockdown’ which provides the children with a range of advice, tasks and guidance (including contact numbers for vital services such as Childline and Leeds Pathways’.

How You Can Help

The activity packs have been pulled together with donations from a range of local sources, however supplies are running low. This is where the support of businesses from across Thorpe Park Leeds could be hugely beneficial, making a positive impact on the lives of underprivileged young children.
Below are just a few examples of the items which have been included within activity packs so far, and any further donations (no matter how many) would be warmly received by the Youth Service.

  • Crosswords and puzzles;
  • A bag of rice and a balloon, with instructions on how to make a stress ball;
  • Arts and crafts;
  • Scratch art;
  • Colouring books;
  • Bracelet and necklace making kits.

If your business would like further information or to offer your support, please contact Louise French (louise@frenchpr.co.uk) who will coordinate things with the Youth Service team. Any support available would be hugely appreciated.