Lunch Time Walking Routes

In a busy working day it can often go unnoticed, but Thorpe Park is surrounded by some stunning countryside. To help people get out and about and experience the local area we’ve identified some great local walking routes around the business park and made some easy to follow maps perfect for a lunchtime stroll (or after work!).

Each map includes an estimate of distance, number of steps and calorie burn.

Grab a friend or work colleague to make it a social activity or go it alone!

Route A

Approximate distance: 2.5 km
Approximate time: 40 mins
Approximate steps: 3000
Recommended start/end point: Gino’s @ The Springs.

Route B

Approximate distance: 4.4 km
Approximate time: 58 mins
Approximate steps: 5600
Recommended start/end point: Gino’s @ The Springs.

Route C

Approximate distance: 4.6 km
Approximate time: 60 mins
Approximate steps: 3250
Recommended start/end point: Park Approach.

If you’re a business and would like some printed copies of these maps to give to employees, please get in touch!