New Community Car Sharing Platform Launches in Leeds!

New Community Car Sharing Platform Launches in Leeds!

Karshare, the peer-to-peer car sharing platform, has just launched in Leeds. If you don’t have access to a vehicle, Karshare lets you to borrow a car from your community when you need one, including to travel to and from work. Karshare also opens up the opportunity to hire greener vehicles like hybrids or electric cars! Car owners and renters alike can feel safe and confident using the service. Drivers are vetted, cars have full insurance and breakdown cover, as well as keyless technology, making the process fully secure.

The idea behind Karshare is that it helps put money back into the pockets of local community members, with people able to rent a car up to 80% cheaper than traditional car rental companies. Lots of us got to know our neighbours over the pandemic and we all feel a stronger sense of community so now is the perfect time to borrow a car.

Plus, for a limited time, hosts signing up to the scheme in Leeds will receive the vehicle technology for free, usually costing £195! The kit allows rentals to be 100% contactless and managed via the Karshare app.

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Sep 2021