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Thorpe Park Leeds is served by a number of high frequency bus services, within just a short walk of the office door. Alternatively, if your journey is a little longer, Cross Gates station is just a short bus or bike ride away.

We work hard, in conjunction with the operators, to make the public transport options as convenient, attractive and cost effective as possible. Are you up to speed with your options, and how little they could cost with the right ticket?

Below we have provided links to a range of useful public transport information and tools, including details of exciting planned improvements to bus and rail options.

Find My Stop
Where should you catch the bus or train from at Thorpe Park Leeds? Take a look at our map.
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Take a look at some of the great new apps that can help you plan and pay for your journey by public transport.
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Don't Worry, Be Appy
Bus and rail operators have recently been launching a number of useful mobile apps, ideal for planning and paying for public transport journeys on the go. The bus operator apps not only provide timetable information, but also include a live map showing where your nearest bus is, with real time arrival and departure information.

First Bus Apps
> First Bus App
> First mTicket App

Arriva Bus Apps
> Arriva Bus App
> Arriva mTicket App

Train Apps
> Northern Rail App
>National Rail App>
>Transpennine Express App
Download a Timetable
Know which service you want to use? Download a timetable to make sure you don't miss your bus.
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Bus & Rail Timetables
The following bus timetables are for services that currently pass Thorpe Park Leeds. Further timetables for all bus services within West Yorkshire can be found at WY Metro.

> 19/19A (download):
Garforth - Colton - Leeds - Tinshill/Ireland Wood
> 163/166 (download):
Leeds - York Rd - Halton/Cross Gates - Colton - Garforth - Kippax - Castleford
> 402/403 (download):
Leeds - Halton/Cross Gates - Colton - Garforth - Sherburn/Selby
> 9 (download):
Horsforth - Pudsey - White Rose - Rothwell - Colton - Cross Gates - Seacroft
> 8A (download):
Thorpe Park - Cross Gates - Seacroft - Horsforth - Pudsey

Routes and timetables for rail travel throughout West Yorkshire can be found on the WY Metro website. To view and download please click here.
Tickets and Discounts
Let us help make sure you aren't paying too much for your journey by public transport.
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Get in touch
Ticketing options can be complicated, and the best ticket for you is likely to depend upon not just where you travel to, but also how frequently. There are however various ticketing options available, inlcuding a number of discounts secured for those working at Thorpe Park. If you would like help finding the best ticketing deal for you, please get in touch, and we will do what we can to help.
Online Journey Planner
Plan your route from A to B using a handy online journey planner. It's never been easier.
Useful Bus Links
The following useful links relate to further sources of bus related information and advice:
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Useful Bus Links
The following are a range of useful links to further sources of bus related information and advice:

> Leeds Bus Route Map: Showing all routes across Leeds
> Further Bus Maps: including a useful map of city centre stops
> Find Your Next Bus: find scheduled or real-time times for any stop in West Yorkshire
> Arriva: operator of a number of services in Leeds
> First Bus: operator of a number of services in Leeds
> Yorkshire Tiger: operator of a number of services in Leeds
Useful Train Links
The following useful links relate to further sources of train related information and advice:
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Useful Train Links
The following are a range of useful links to further sources of train related information and advice:

> Live Rail Departures: from National Rail
> Taking cycles on a train: all you need to know
> Rail Stations: details about stations in West Yorkshire
> Train Operators: contact details
> National Rail Enquiries: train times, booking facilities & more
Need Some More Help?
We know that even when presented with a range of information, understanding journey options can be tricky. That's why we want to offer you a free personal journey plan. Simply provide us with some basic details, and we will do the rest.
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What Does The Future Have In Store?
As the development of Thorpe Park Leeds progresses at pace, how will bus and rail options be improved to cater for the growing travel demands?
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Public Transport Improvements
In Q4 of 2018, new retail and leisure floorspace is due to open at Thorpe Park Leeds. The opening of the floorspace will coincide with the opening of a new road heading north through Thorpe Park, over the railway line, and initially linking into Manston Lane (and Cross Gates).

Upon the opening of this new link road there is a legal requirement for the developers of Thorpe Park to 'pump prime' the introduction of new bus services through Thorpe Park Leeds. This funding will ensure that new bus services will be delivered in advance of them becoming commercially viable, as further floorspace is occupied over the coming years. Whilst the detail is yet to be agreed, these bus services will link into Cross Gates and Leeds as a minimum.

Funding has also been secured by Leeds City Council to deliver a new train station (with P&R) at Thorpe Park Leeds. Again, whilst the detail is still being worked up, the introduction of a new train station will see a significant step change in public transport provision, with Thorpe Park Leeds becoming an important public transport hub in the east of Leeds.

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