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So what is Thorpe Park? It’s more than just the desk that you sit at that is for sure! It’s a place where 4500 people currently work, from over 60 different organisations. It has onsite amenities which include a state of the art hotel and spa, anĀ ItalianĀ restaurant, coffee shops and conference facilities.

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Some general information

The aim for Thorpe Park is to be one of the top 5 business parks in the UK.

The business park is currently home to 4,500 people and numerous national/ international companies.

With 44% of dedicated green space Thorpe Park has 7,000 trees, 20,000 shrubs and hedges, 50,000 bulbs and 15,000 aquatic plants will be planted.

To date Thorpe Park Developments has successfully developed approximately 600,000 sq ft, and a new comprehensive masterplan has been drawn up for the remainder of the business park in conjunction with architects Make (illustrated on the right).

The future proposals look to expand the facilities for staff on the Park to include, a budget hotel, restaurants, coffee shop, complementary retail facilities and a health & fitness facility.

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  • Onsite Amenities

    Thorpe Park has a number of attractive onsite amenities from a state of the art hotel and spa, to a new onsite deli.

    To find out more please click here
  • Meet the Neighbours

    Are you aware who the other businesses are that occupy Thorpe Park?

    To find out please click here
  • The Green Park

    Immediately to the west of Thorpe Park a new 110 acre public park will be laid out at the cost of the developers.

    This new park, which will be gifted to the City Council, will be the largest park created in the city since the early 1900's. The park will include footpaths and cycle ways which will link into the business park and provide staff with convenient access to a relaxing and pleasant environment in which to escape from the office desk if only for a short time.

    Nature conservation works will be concentrated on the enhancement, diversification, and creation of areas and features of nature conservation value, including opportunities for new areas of wetland. By the incorporation of new and enhanced features within both the Green Park and the Business Park, the overall value of these features will be enhanced within the overall site.
  • The Management Team

    Find out who looks after the business park and who you should contact if you have an inquiry by clicking here
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