Appy Cycling!

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A guide to smart-phone cycling apps

It’s incredible just how many different ways your cycling life can be assisted with the right cycling app!

Because apps are free or inexpensive, and because there are often many different choices providing essentially very similar functions, below is a round up of cycling-based apps currently available, rather than a ‘top 10’. This way you can enjoy playing with a few different versions to find which one you like best. There may be something with a very popular product that you find infuriating, while a hidden gem lurks somewhere lower down an app store’s rankings. 

In the list below we have included the app name, price, website and available operating systems. For the less tech savvy, iOS works on iPhone and other Apple products, meanwhile, Android is used by Samsung, Huawei and most other phone manufacturers.

GPS route recording and mapping apps

Perhaps the first type of apps cyclists think about are GPS and mapping apps that record your ride — where you cycled, when and how fast — and present it on a suitable map. These apps often sync with a website to record your riding schedule and may offer other functions, such as monthly mileage or climbing challenges, or even elements of community social media where you can interact with other users.

FREE / iOS and Android

FREE / iOS and Android

Cyclemeter GPS
FREE / iOS and Android

Runtastic Road Bike
FREE / iOS and Android

FREE / iOS and Android

Cycle Tracker Pro
£2.29 / iOS only

Cycling – Bike Tracker
FREE / Android only
Play Store

Journey planning apps

Want to know how to cycle from A to B in the quickest, simplest or safest way? Cycle journey planning apps are the answer – think of them almost as a satnav for bicycles!

FREE / iOS and Android

From £3.99 / iOS and Android

Maplocs Cycling Route Planner
FREE / Android only
Play Store

Practical help apps

​The next section is a broad range of different apps that supply practical help, from Cycling UK’s very own FillThatHole app, which records and reports potholes across the country to bike maintenance, since we haven’t been on site for our regular Dr Bike Sessions this year. There’s also a one-line description for each app below to explain what they provide.

Bike Repair
Repair instruction guides and riding tips.
£3.99 / iOS or £2.49 / Android

Bike Doctor
Personal pocket bike mechanic.
£4.99 / iOS or £2.15 / Android

Cycle UK’s pothole recording and reporting app.
FREE / iOS and Android

The Roadie Bike Fit
Bike fitting for road cyclists.
£3.25 / Android only
Play Store

Bicycle Gear Calculator
Calculating gear sizes with different parameters.
FREE / iOS and Android
Apple Store

St John Ambulance First Aid For Cyclists
Advice to deal with the most common cycling injuries.
FREE / iOS and Android

Bicycle Maintenance Guide for Android
Simple advice for looking after your bike
£4.99 / Android only
Play Store

ProBikeTracker – Bicycle Maintenance Tracker
Easy way to keep on top of wear and tear issues.
FREE / iOS and Android

Fitness apps

While many of the GPS and mapping apps certainly have elements that contribute towards establishing an effective training programme, the apps below are particularly focused on developing cycling fitness.

Interactive virtual coach for Elite turbo-trainers.
Initially free then €9.99 a year subscription / iOS and Android

Plus Workout – Indoor Cycling
Variety of turbo-training / spinning programmes.
FREE / iOS only
Apple Store

My Virtual Mission
Use your daily rides to achieve an overall fitness challenge.
FREE / iOS and Android

FREE / iOS and Android

Wahoo Fitness
FREE / iOS and Android


Don’t forget every cyclist’s favourite get-out-of-jail-free card: Google Maps. It might not have the bells and whistles of other mapping apps, but when it comes to trying to work out exactly where you are, there’s nothing simpler!