Be Bright, Be Seen!

Colder weather and darker nights doesn’t mean an end to your active commute for the year. You can still make the most of the outside this winter, whilst having fun and staying safe.

Here are our top tips for being bright and being seen during those shorter days.

Be bright

Even if it is still light when you set off on your journey, pop on some high-vis clothing and check your bike lights work. The nights quickly draw in, so it is best to be prepared. It is a legal requirement to have white front and red rear lights at night on your bike.

Dress appropriately

Preparation is key! Get yourself some decent outerwear including a waterproof jacket. Many waterproof jackets are lightweight and can easily be carried in a rucksack for any unexpected showers!

Stay warm

For those chilly days, keeping your hands warm when walking or cycling is a good idea. If you are cycling though, ensure you can still brake, change gear and grip your handlebars well.

Layer up

Multiple thin layers rather than one thick layer is the best option for an active commute. With many thin layers, you take items off and put them back on as needed.

Take care of your bike

Colder, wetter weather, typically means more mud. When you arrive at your destination, it would be a good idea to give your bike a quick wipe-down to remove any dirt and grit. This will help keep your bike in good working order and prevent any rust or other damage.

Get a grip

When cycling in the winter, you will benefit from plenty of grip on your tyres, especially in the wetter weather. By having a good grip, you will lessen the likelihood of skidding and slipping.

Check your position

Debris and puddles are likely to form in the gutter so if cycling, choose your position wisely. Damp leaves and manhole covers can be particularly slippery too so take extra care around these. Remember to let faster vehicles overtake you when safe to do so and whilst keeping yourself safe at the same time.

Be safe, not sorry

If the conditions are particularly bad for walking or cycling, then put your bike or trainers away and wait for better weather. You could always try taking the train or bus to work instead.

Why not download our free Be Bright, Be Seen flyer? Head over to our resources page for this and other travel guides and information.

If you’d like any further advice for staying safe while travelling actively this winter, we’d be happy to help, just contact the ParkLife team.