Bike Week 2024

Be a #BikeHero this Bike Week!

Bike Week is all about encouraging cycling to and from the workplace and supporting staff to ride during the week. Organised by Cycling UK the annual event aims to promote the power of active travel for business. You can find out more about the event and how to join in here.

Commuting accounts for 98% of an individual’s work-related carbon footprint. In 2021, the average person in England made 2% of their trips by cycling. But what benefits are these 2% of people receiving?

Physical and mental health benefits

Riding a bike is a healthy, fun and low-impact form of exercise that can easily be incorporated into your daily routine. By cycling regularly your heart, blood vessels and lungs all get a good workout which in turn will increase your cardiovascular fitness. Cycling regularly can also decrease stress levels and reduce anxiety and depression.

Save money

Compared to the cost of car travel, cycling is significantly less expensive. You don’t even need to purchase a top of the range bike with many bicycles available second-hand. Research shows that cycling to work saves commuters nearly £1,400 per year when compared to driving. Think of all the wonderful things you could spend that £1,400 on instead! Find out how much money you could save by cycling to work on the Cycling UK website.

Good for the economy

Studies show that cycling is better for the local and national economy when compared to motorists. Those travelling by bike are more likely to stop and shop which provides great benefits to local retailers.

Reduce your carbon footprint

An obvious benefit to a cycle commute, no carbon emissions! Cycling also reduces noise pollution too, creating a much healthier environment. Cycling has a carbon footprint of about 21g of CO2 per kilometre. That’s a tenth less than the emissions from driving!

Explore your local area

We all get stuck in a rut on our commutes. If you’re travelling by public transport, it’s hard to stop and get off to explore. The same when travelling by car, routine takes over and you’re likely to just go between A and B. By cycling you have more opportunity to explore different routes.

Save time

Travelling into a heavily congested area? More often than not, cycling would be a quicker option in comparison to the car. Plan a route online for free through the CycleStreets website:

Do you already cycle to work? If so, we would love you to share with us the reasons you cycle and what the highlights of your journey are!

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Download our free Bike Week poster to share in your workplace.