Business ‘Commute To Work’ Strategy

Accessibility is key to successful business. Employees wish to benefit from a range of attractive and convenient travel options, whilst businesses aim to provide their workforce with appropriate infrastructure and support to make the commute as convenient and cost effective as possible.

The strategic location of Thorpe Park Leeds, and high-quality connections it provides, are complemented by an active ‘Travel Plan’ programme which supports businesses and individuals across the site. The aim of the strategy is to plan, manage and promote the range of commuting options available to those who travel to the site, with a goal of making the commute as easy, cheap and sustainable as possible.

For the benefit of business occupiers and the workforce a range of site wide initiatives and support are made available, which can be tapped into and taken advantage of as required. This support is provided through a specialist team of sustainable transport consultants, retained as part of the business park management team, and emphasising the importance which is placed upon the commute to work.

Business Focused Support

Whilst a range of measures are delivered for the benefit of the site as a whole, each business and its workforce will have its own specific opportunities, challenges and goals when it comes to the commute to work.

We work with businesses to identify the most appropriate strategy for supporting their workforce, providing a business specific action plan and ongoing support to implement the identified actions. These strategies are often based upon analysis of staff travel patterns, and identification of the range of travel options available to the workforce, ensuring that they are tailored to a businesses specific circumstances and requirements.

Parking Demand Management Support

Minimising and managing parking demands can be a key challenge faced by businesses up and down the UK. With limited parking available as a result of UK wide planning restrictions there is a need for businesses to carefully manage and prioritise use of this vital asset.

The ParkLife team works with business occupiers to advise upon and develop bespoke strategies aimed at overcoming this challenge in a positive and engaging manner.

Relocation Support

We know that relocating a business can be a headache. There will no doubt be employees who are concerned about how the move will impact upon their commute, so we are here from the outset to offer appropriate support before you have even moved in!

Based upon an information and evidence-led approach we will work closely with your business to formulate and deliver a strategic action plan aimed at maximising any negative impacts linked to a relocation, whilst maximising benefits associated with the accessible location of your new business home.

Ongoing Commuter Support

Measures delivered across the site on an ongoing basis include, but are not limited to:

  • Access to a free site-wide car share scheme
  • Support to deliver car sharing events
  • Active travel events, including walking & cycling challenges and guided rides
  • Free bike servicing for the workforce
  • Support to achieve bike friendly business accreditation
  • Access to discounts on bikes, cycle accessories and servicing
  • Bikers’ breakfasts
  • Access to a communal bike ‘fix-it’ stand with tools and pump
  • Personalised travel information and advice
  • Corporate discounts on bus and rail tickets and free taster tickets to ‘give it a go’

Get In Touch

If your business would like to take advantage of the industry leading commuter support available, please do not hesitate to get in touch. A member of our team will arrange to meet with you to discuss the ways in which your business and workforce can be supported.