E-bike Trials with Talio

Join us on 27th March 10am – 2pm

E-bikes are like regular bikes, but with an extra boost that takes the pedal power up a notch. They’re like having a magical tailwind that follows you everywhere you go.

E-bikes can be super convenient and make commuting a breeze, whether you’re tackling hills or battling headwinds. So, why not try one out during the ParkLife sustainable travel event?

Talio will be with us on the day discussing their range of e-bikes and providing the opportunity for you to try them out! Ride one of the bikes around the circuit – helmets can be provided. If you decide you love the e-bike, why not then rent it on a longer-term basis? If you take this up on the day, you will also receive a 10% discount!

If you would like to take part in the e-bike trial, register your interest on the link below and further information will be emailed to you nearer the time.

Can’t wait until the 27th? Why not join in the Talio fun day event on Sunday March 17th at Talio Leeds? Immerse yourself in a day filled with excitement as you embark on free mini e-bike tours, exploring the stunning scenery of Meanwood. Delight your taste buds with delectable handmade cakes and freshly brewed coffee. Engage in a variety of entertaining activities and join us for a memorable community gathering. The event will support the Dreams Come True Charity. Head over to the Talio website and their social media channels for more information.