East Leeds Orbital Route: Opening Soon

The new East Leeds Orbital Route (ELOR) will be fully open in time for the bank holiday weekend, by 26th August, subject to completed road safety checks.

The ELOR is a two-lane dual carriageway 7km in length, which connects Manston Lane Link Road to the A6120 (Outer Ring Road Shadwell).

The route will provide 14km of dedicated cycleways, pedestrian and equestrian pathways, with specifically designed access points connect to existing Public Rights of Way in the area.

ELOR Route

The scheme also sees significant investment in green-blue infrastructure which incorporates planting of trees and other plants as well as sustainable water management solutions along the route which will improve drainage, provide environmental benefits, and add to the look and feel of the route including new wildlife corridors and habitats. 

You can find out more about the scheme and the East Leeds Extension in general by following the link below, or stay up to date with the project on the ELOR website.