Enterprise Car Club at The Springs

A new Enterprise Car Club vehicle will be launched at The Springs on 22nd March 2023. Located outside of Marks and Spencer Food Hall, the car club will be a great asset to businesses across Thorpe Park Leeds, The Springs, residents of the Redrow development, The Point, and the wider community.

The car will be available to be rented by the hour, 24/7, and can be booked either in advance or on the go through the handy Enterprise Car Club app. With rates starting at £4.00 per hour for individuals, car club membership can provide some great cost savings against the cost of car ownership as the associated costs of maintenance, fuel and insurance are included. For individuals signing up, there are offers available to Leeds residents with £10 free driving credit available and £20 for referring a friend. More information on memberships are available here.

Car club usage can also benefit businesses in many ways. By joining a car club, costs associated with purchasing and maintaining a company vehicle can be avoided. It can also help eliminate issues with car parking and allows greater flexibility for staff, particularly for those wishing to commute by a sustainable or active mode. In addition to this, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and reduce administrative burdens as keeping track of mileage and expenses are easily managed through the car club account. For business users, there are appropriate membership plans available and more information can be found here.

For full guides on how to use the Car Club vehicles, head over to the Enterprise Car Club website.