An Introduction To Car Clubs

Car clubs are great! They provide people with convenient access to a car, without all of the costs and hassle of owning one. No need to buy a car upfront, pay fixed rentals, sort out insurance or maintenance.

Car clubs are very much like rental cars, but much more accessible. Rather than having to pick a car up from a depot they are located in busy locations, on-street, in car parks and residential areas. They are also easy to book – online, by phone, or straight from an app.

You can reserve a car in advance or at a moment’s notice, with booking available from as little as £2.50 an hour. When picking the car up there is no need to even see anyone, simply unlock the vehicle directly from your membership card or smartphone, and off you go. It really is as simple as that.

Car clubs are used by both individuals and businesses. Individuals are able to benefit from flexible access to a car, without owning one, whilst businesses can provide a workforce with easy access to a rented vehicle (often replacing more traditional pool cars).

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Car Clubs In Leeds

Across West Yorkshire, Enterprise Car Club are the main provider of car club vehicles, supported by Local Authorities to make cars available within key locations. The closest vehicle to Thorpe Park is currently at Seacroft Hospital but there are many more cars available across the region, and plans to bring a number of cars to Thorpe Park.
To find out more about Enterprise Car Club vehicles across Leeds click here.

To get started, simply visit the Enterprise Car Club website, where you can sign up for the scheme. Once you’ve done so, you will receive everything you need in the post.

You can then login online or via the app and begin reserving vehicles in advance or at the last minute (provided there is a vehicle available!) any time of day, any day!