Fall in love with your commute this Valentine’s Day

Are you feeling a little stuck in a rut with your commute?

However you travel to and from work at Thorpe Park Leeds, why not try something new? Whether this be walking, cycling, using public transport or even car sharing, why not shake it up and reignite the spark?

This Valentine’s Day, we don’t want you thinking about flowers or chocolates. We want you to think about ways to improve your commute to and from Thorpe Park Leeds. How could you make your commute better?

We’ve pulled together some essential guides to help you weigh up the different commuting options available to you, including public transport, cycling, walking, and running! You can take a look at our guides here.

If you need some more personalised advice though, why not request a Personal Journey Plan? Get in touch with the ParkLife team and include a few details about where you are travelling from and at what time. Also, please include some details on how you currently commute or any particular issues you’d like to avoid.

Why not download our free poster to share in your workplace to spread encouragement? If you’d like hard copies, please get in touch.