Free online workshop – The Four Pillars of Wellbeing

Free online workshop from Pure Retirement
‘The Four Pillars of Wellbeing’
exclusive and free for ParkLife members
Thursday 8th June 2023

JP from Pure Retirement will kindly be running an online workshop titled ‘The Four Pillars of Wellbeing’ exclusively for those based at Thorpe Park.

Mental, physical, social and spiritual factors are part of their award-winning resilience programme as recognised in the 2022 Princess Royal Training Awards.

During the hour-long session, you will look at how to support each other based on the four pillars to build resilience. Including looking at what the ‘stress bucket’ is and how we can ensure it doesn’t overflow.

You’ll also have the chance to practice some desk yoga, eye yoga and breathing exercises!

“We initially started running the sessions for all our employees in July 2020, still very early days in the pandemic. We recognised that everything we were going through was unprecedented and not easy to deal with – as we saw in the increase of mental health issues nationally. We wanted to provide as much support as possible for people and started with this Resilience session to help people find coping mechanisms and build more resilience to be in a better position both mentally and physically. Times have moved on, and the session no longer focuses on Covid as we have new challenges to deal with, such as the cost of living crisis and the Ukraine war. This general resilience session provides an insight as to how we can build our own resilience to support the four pillars of well-being.”
JP, Pure Retirement