FREE Yoga Sessions

Across Health & Wellbeing Week at Thorpe Park Leeds, and in association with Yoga Hero, we’re offering a series of free online yoga sessions!

These free online sessions are the perfect opportunity to take a bit of time out of your week to decrease your stress levels, release physical tension, improve your posture, and increase your energy.

The sessions are brought to you by the instructors at Leeds-based yoga studio, Yoga Hero.

Bite-Sized Sessions

Join us for two free sessions of 20-minute, chair-based yoga. Follow along from the comfort of your desk (whether at home or in the office), as a trained instructor from Yoga Hero talks you through a selection of poses, designed to benefit office workers, all over zoom!

Why not use your break to stretch out tense muscles and take some time out of your day to relax and refocus?

The chair-based sessions are taking place at the following times:

  • Thursday 24th June @ 2 pm
  • Friday 25th June @ 10:30 am

Lunchtime Session

Alternatively, we are also offering a free 45-minute session of mat-based yoga. This extended session will feature a range of chair and floor-based poses, also delivered via zoom. It will be accessible to beginners so if you’ve been thinking about trying out some yoga, this could be a great opportunity to see what all the fuss is about.

This lunchtime session will take place:

  • Tuesday 22nd June @ 12 pm