Inclusive Recruitment Supported Internships

Supported Internships are work-based study programmes for young adults, aged 16-24, with Special Education Needs and an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP). 

Supported Interns (SI) are classed as being in full-time education, with the internship being part of their course. It is an alternative to being in school or college and, as such, there is no expectation that they will be paid whilst on their placement.  The internships support young people to develop the skills they need to move into paid employment, as well as continuing to study for relevant qualifications, including English and Maths.

  • The intern will be accompanied by a job coach to support them in the workplace. 
  • Job roles are varied and can include admin, finance, data management, IT, warehousing, hospitality, retail and much more.
  • Interns benefit from a huge increase in self-confidence, learning new skills and making a contribution to society.
  • There is no costs to the employer during the supported internship
  • Employers benefit from an improved work culture and access to a diverse workforce of adults with unique skills and abilities who are really keen to work.

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