Notice of Parking Enforcement

You may have noticed some new signage going up, on the private roads throughout the estate. The signage warns of new parking enforcement coming into force, to prevent on street parking where appropriate. Patrols will commence from Thursday 31st August, with a £100 fine being issued to anyone contravening the relevant parking or stopping restrictions. Please refer to the signage for further details.
The need for new enforcement has come about due to an increase in parking which has been blocking certain routes through the site, including bus routes, and routes which may need to be used by the emergency services.
We would take this opportunity to politely remind those who drive to Thorpe Park that all parking should take place within areas under private ownership, or within designated parking areas across Thorpe Park and The Springs. If parking within a private plot/car park, please refer to the relevant management organisation for details of parking restrictions. The Council will also continue to enforce parking restrictions along all adopted highways, which includes Century Way.