Successful Litter Pick around Thorpe Park

This week, led by the ParkLife team and Litter Free Leeds, a 30-minute litter pick was undertaken around the Thorpe Park Leeds area. The sun was out with a beautiful blue sky for the event, which was much appreciated!

In such a short space of time, the volunteers managed to fill several of the purple Litter Free Leeds bags which shows the positive impact of even such a short litter pick.

Also, a massive thank you to Big Change for the kind loan of the litter pickers for the event.

A special thank you to Sandra from Litter Free Leeds who also attended the event. Her enthusiasm for creating a cleaner, more enjoyable environment is infectious! Litter Free Leeds was set up in 2017 and brings communities, groups and individuals together to be good role models of what can be achieved when we all work together to keep our roads, pavements, parks and green spaces clean and litter free.

Would you like to be a Litter Free Leeds volunteer at Thorpe Park? We are looking for a group organiser and if you’re interested, please contact Alice, your ParkLife Programme Manager who will be able to provide further information. You can also find out more information about Litter Free Leeds on their website.

If you individually or as a business based at Thorpe Park Leeds would like to organise your own litter pick on a more informal basis, we have some equipment to loan out. Please contact Alice who will be able to provide further information.