Today is CYCLE TO WORK day!

Cycle to Work Day is the UK’s biggest cycle commuting event, and this year is its 10th anniversary!

Do you live within 30 minutes of Thorpe Park? Want to see if you could fit cycling into your commute? Or simply fancy a leisurely cycle ride into work? Cycle to Work Day is a great opportunity to join thousands of cyclists across the country biking into work!

Commuting by bike will help you get fitter, reduce stress levels and save money on commuting costs (which has never been more important) – all whilst doing your bit for the environment!

Whether you’re already a committed cycle commuter or just starting out on your journey – get on your bike and get to work the best way you can. What matters is giving it a go and joining a community of cyclists sharing all that’s good about cycling to work on the 4th of August.

You can plan your commute using the handy Cycle City Connect journey planner by simply clicking the link below. The interactive cycle map shows you different route options, as well as distance, calories, timings and CO2 savings.

Use a van for work in Leeds?

If you or your business requires the use of a van, but you would like to trial your commute by bike, or even switch to making some of your deliveries by bike, then don’t worry as electric cargo bikes could be the solution for you. With rising costs and sustainability high on the agenda, it’s time to find new, eco-friendly, and cost-effective ways of working.

Electric cargo bikes are electric bikes with a large storage area that can be used to transport almost any load, including construction materials, IT equipment or food and drink. Businesses in Leeds can trial an electric cargo bike for up to three months free of charge. Click the links below to find out more and apply today!

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Want to find out more about Cycle to Work Day? Then check out the websites below. We have plenty of cycling tips on our commuting pages too.