Tracey’s Story – Cycling to Thorpe Park Leeds

We love hearing your stories about an active commute to and from Thorpe Park Leeds. Recently, our ParkLife Programme Manager, Alice, met Tracey from Raymond James.

Tracey cycles to work one day per week and we asked her a few questions about her commute…

How far is your journey and how long does it take to cycle?

So from my house to The Springs is probably only about 5 miles if I go the quickest way which is on Selby Road, however, I am a little scared to go on the major roads as I am not confident near busy traffic. So I go via Temple Newsam which is actually around 9 miles but it is a much nicer commute.

Do you cycle to work every day?

At the moment I am just commuting one day a week but hope to increase this.

Tell us about your route, are there any particular points of interest on your commute?

The route I take is really nice as I go via Temple Newsam. I sometimes stop there and sit down with a drink and enjoy the scenery.

What inspired you to start cycling to work?

I used to cycle a lot back in 2018/19 but with work commitments and lockdown I got out of the habit of cycling. I wanted to increase my fitness so decided to start cycling again. There is a very secure bike shed outside my office so I feel confident to leave it safely there.

What are the benefits that you’ve seen from cycling to work?

Cycling is great for my mental health and overall fitness. It definitely blows the cobwebs away.

What three top tips would you give someone thinking about cycling to work?

My tips would be to do a few trial runs to work maybe over a weekend to make sure you know which way you want to go. Take it slowly to begin with to get your confidence up. Find out if there are other people that cycle to work too especially if you only have basic knowledge of bike, you can then swap tips and help each other if you need to – I learnt so much from Alice (ParkLife Programme Manager) the other week!

Would you like to start cycling to work? We’ve pulled together some essential information for you here. Alternatively, you can sign up to our Bicycle User Group to be the first in the know about on-site Dr Bike events and connect with other cyclists across the park.