Walk to Work Day

Walk to Work Day is just around the corner (7th April) and if you need some inspiration to start walking to work, Hayley from Thorpe Park Hotel will be sure to inspire you!

Hayley, the Head of Sales at Thorpe Park Hotel kindly told us about her walk to work and has given some top tips to get you started too.

How far is your journey and how long does it take to walk?

My journey is exactly 2 miles, and the walk takes me 40 minutes door to door.

Do you walk to work every day?

I walk most days: sometimes I travel for work so need my car but if that’s the case I try and leave my car at the hotel and then walk home/back again. It started off as something I did occasionally but quickly became a habit when I realised how much I enjoyed it.

Tell us about your route, are there any particular points of interest on your commute?

My favourite part of the route is just before I cross the bridge on a morning towards The Springs – there are often rabbits playing on the grass and if I catch the right time as the sun rises the light is beautiful! Walking home I do often pop into the shops as The Springs which is really convenient, and it’s a great way to take in the new changes on the park.

What inspired you to start walking to work?

I’ve always enjoyed walking and wanted to find an easy way to incorporate some exercise in my day, so it seemed like a great way to tick the fitness box! I was also conscious that the business park can suffer from heavy traffic at peak times, so it felt like the right decision to take another car off the road.

What are the benefits that you’ve seen from walking to work?

So many – I have definitely seen an increase in my fitness and the time spent outdoors in natural daylight contributes to a positive mood. I find that I start my working day in a really energised way, and then I use the time on my way home to clear my head and wind down. Saving on fuel is a real benefit too!

What three top tips would you give someone thinking about walking to work?

Make sure you have some comfy, waterproof clothes (I often get caught in a shower!), have some of your favourite music or podcasts ready to listen to and allow enough time for your journey so it becomes a relaxing part of your day.

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