West Yorkshire Travel Plan Network

Did you know that there is a free membership scheme for employers in West Yorkshire which encourages sustainable travel to and from work? With over 600 members across West Yorkshire, sign up to receive benefits such as;

  • Up to 12% discount on the Corporate Annual MCard.
  • 75% discount on Business Travel Passes (for bus services).
  • Grants to improve cycling facilities at your workplace – please contact the ParkLife team if you’d like support in your application for these.
  • Reduced price Enterprise Car Club membership.

With the support from us here at ParkLife on the Thorpe Park Leeds Travel Plan and the WYTPN, there are plenty of opportunities to encourage your staff and colleagues to travel smart and sustainably.

You can find out more about the WYTPN here.

The WYTPN can complement the wider scope of work that the ParkLife team offer as the Travel Plan Manager of Thorpe Park Leeds.

For those that are unsure, our role provides the following benefits for businesses across Thorpe Park:

  • Supporting businesses to prepare their own sustainable transport action plans;
  • Help advising businesses on tracking and reporting their travel related carbon emissions;
  • Provide access to a range of sustainable transport related discounts, including cycle products, corporate bus pass schemes and much more;
  • Supporting businesses to set up cycle to work and EV salary sacrifice schemes;
  • Organising and running sustainable travel focused engagement campaigns and events, including regular on-site bike servicing and free access to promotional materials.

All employers at Thorpe Park Leeds have access to the services we offer here at Thorpe Park, so please do get in touch to see how we can help you!

Find out more about our work and download free resources here.